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In our modern world where people are already faced with the pressures of social media, the fears of our foretold future and just a perpetual sense of worldwide unrest, Christopher Kenji strives to make music that helps people feel understood and less alone.


A vast majority of the lyrical content being fed to our newer generations from many of the popular artists nowadays solely reflect how much better their lives are than everyone else's ––how people wish they could have their money, their status, their love lives, etc. With suicide rates higher than they've ever been, Kenji believes that the world doesn't need to be hearing more of these kind of messages and so he has made it his goal to do the exact opposite with his music.

Kenji's main mission to be as honest and vulnerable as possible with his music using his own experiences and struggles to give people something they can hopefully relate to and feel good about. That is the exact reason why Kenji was drawn so passionately toward music in the first place ––its universal power to better people's lives.

Kenji has been published in Vogue, Harper's BAZAAR, Elle, Vanity Teen, L'Officiel, etc. and has appeared on the front covers of various magazines around the world ––two of which being, Hot Model Magazine, (including the front cover of their 2021 calendar plus an online article on their website) and SwaggaDigital Magazine, (who made their entire 24th issue on Kenji, titled The Tenacious Hustle of Christopher Kenji, featuring him on 29 pages inside the magazine with a two-page written interview as well as on both its front and back covers)


Kenji's  "Summer Fog" Music Video has been featured on EVTV Miami twice as well as in the Prague International Film Festival in the Czech Republic, the Buenos Aires International Film Festival in Argentina, the Munich Music Video Awards in Germany, The Independent Awards in the UK, the High Tatras Film & Video Festival in Slovakia and the Around International Film Festival in Spain, garnering 4 awards (including "Best Music Video") and 4 nominations.

Christopher Kenji has been the featured guest on multiple podcasts including The Full Circle Show, Made For Music Podcast, Persevere Podcast, and The Face Behind the Brand and has had his music covered by various blogs such as The Underground Music CollectiveRock Fueguino and That Buzzing Sound  ––additionally, his song, "Pretend That It Was Right" was featured as one of Pop Blitz Magazine's top picks in February 2021.


Christopher Kenji is a multi-internationally awarded music video artist, a former Top 10 West Coast Songwriting Finalist of the international NewSong Music Competition, a Berklee College of Music graduate, and a SF/Bay Area-based independent, multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter/producer on a mission to bring heartfelt songwriting, honest lyrics and rock ‘n roll back into the mainstream music world.




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Country Summer Music Festival, CA
Rivertown Revival Music Festival, CA
Chicago Fashion Week, IL
The Berklee Performance Center, MA

The Catalyst Atrium, CA
Sweetwater Music Hall, CA
The DNA Lounge Main Stage, CA
Cushing Memorial Amphitheater, CA
Milk Bar, CA
SoMo Village, CA

Jam Cellar's Harvest Stomp, CA
The Seattle Esports Studio, WA

American Bookbinders Museum, CA
Tupelo, CA

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Christopher Kenji is currently planning on releasing his 10 track debut album in late 2022/early 2023 which will include his current singles "One-Way Mirror", "Never Enough", "Waiting in the Wings", "Summer Fog", "Dead of Night" and "Pretend That It Was Right". He will also be releasing another new music video in support of the album which he is currently working on. He was also part of a collaboration where he sang on two songs with popular Persian social media influencer and Pop/EDM artist, Danny Asadi and singer-songwriter, XYE which will be most likely released in the next few months.


Kenji is also currently editing footage of his pro-shot live performance at Marin TV's television studio and will additionally be taping an in-studio interview with them to put together an hour-long segment to be aired on their TV station as well as streamed all over the world. On top of that, will also be appearing as himself on an episode of a new show on the Food Network sometime late 2022 or 2023. Aside from that, Kenji is also scheduled to play various other performances throughout the rest of 2022. 



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Christopher Kenji has accumulated over 234K views on his own official YouTube Artist Channel , over 166K views on his two lyric videos featured on popular YouTube channel, Common Sense (368K subscribers), over 191K views on a viral TikTok video featuring "One-Way Mirror" made by Ryan Shakes (6.8M followers) and has received a total of over 600K streams on Spotify since his artist debut in July 2020.