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Christopher Kenji is a San Francisco/Bay Area-based independent, multi-instrumentalist pop/rock artist and producer on a mission to bring heartfelt songwriting, honest lyrics and the spirit of rock ‘n roll back into the mainstream.

Since his artist debut in July 2020, Kenji has amassed over 830,000 streams on Spotify alone, has had his music featured on TV, popular YouTube channels, by viral TikTok stars as well as had his music videos screened in big film festivals all over the world including the Prague International Film Festival in the Czech Republic, the Buenos Aires International Film Festival in Argentina, the Munich Music Video Awards in Germany, The Independent Awards in the UK, the High Tatras Film & Video Festival in Slovakia and the Around International Film Festival in Spain (to mention a few) ––and has garnered 6 awards so far (including "Best Music Video" for his 'Summer Fog' music video). Additionally, Christopher Kenji is a former Top 10 West Coast Songwriting Finalist of the international NewSong Music Competition.

Kenji has been featured in Vogue, Harper's BAZAAR, Elle, L'Officiel, Vanity Teen, etc., has appeared on the Food Network show, Chef Dynasty: House of Fang (portraying himself in a principal acting role) and was additionally named "Best Model of 2018" in San Francisco at his first fashion week ever. Since then, he has walked the runway at many fashion weeks including LA Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week (Art Hearts) and Chicago Fashion Week ––where he also performed a Christopher Kenji acoustic set for CBS, Fox News and other major TV networks. Moreover, Kenji has done modeling work for notable commercial brands such as Amazon, Canva, Prism Lens FX, Bows-N-Ties, Anson Belt & Buckle, etc., as well as acted in commercials for AT&T, Marriott, Compass, etc., in promo footage for the 2019 film Greener Grass featuring Saturday Night Live star, Blake Bennett and additionally, in the international fashion campaign for award-winning designer, Ivan Frolov's 2021 clothing line, "STUD", which screened at the Kyiv Molodist International Film Festival in Ukraine and took first place.


Kenji has also done commercial voice-over work and has appeared on the front covers of various magazines ––two of which being, Hot Model Magazine, (which also included Kenji on the front cover of their 2021 calendar plus in an online article which discussed Kenji's modeling and music careers) and SwaggaDigital Magazine, (who made their entire 24th issue on Kenji, titled The Tenacious Hustle of Christopher Kenji, featuring him on 29 pages inside the magazine with a two-page written interview as well as having Kenji pictured on both its front and back covers ––furthermore, Christopher Kenji has appeared on the front covers of multiple other editorial fashion magazines from all over the world including Pump Magazine (twice), Moevir Magazine, Malvie Magazine and Shuba Magazine.

Additionally, Christopher Kenji has been a featured guest on the Made For Music PodcastThe Full Circle ShowThe Face Behind The Brand and the Persevere Podcast, and has had his music has covered by various blogs such as The Underground Music CollectiveRock Fueguino and That Buzzing Sound  ––his song, "Pretend That It Was Right" was also featured as one of Pop Blitz Magazine's top picks in February 2021.

Growing up, Christopher Kenji was predominantly influenced by hard rock music which inspired him to take up guitar when he was about 10 years old. On his journey though, he became fascinated by traditional blues, Spanish flamenco and percussive fingerstyle guitar, all of which uniquely shaped his playing. He later taught himself how to sing by busking and performing at hundreds of open mic nights --honing his naturally distinctive, dark, raspy singing voice. This was also around the time that he began teaching himself how to record, produce and engineer his own music.

In 2017, Kenji graduated from Berklee College of Music and has since then, released eight singles and two live sessions. His newest release, "Live from Marin TV" is now available on all streaming platforms and be can be streamed/downloaded from this link here.

To listen to Christopher Kenji’s entire music catalogue, which is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and over 150 other online stores, click hereTo learn more about Christopher, click here to read his interview with SwaggaDigital Magazine or click here to listen to his interview with the Persevere Podcast.

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Photographer – Andy Strong,

Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist – Aksorn Hoshino

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